Innovative groundworks to an historic coal mining legacy to create 750 homes

In conjunction with Daineswell (#regeneration experts), we have designed an innovative and sustainable solution for a mixed-use scheme at a former factory with an historic coal mining legacy.

A complex 25ha scheme, the development is being prepared for a 750 home community in Prescot, Merseyside.

Adjacent to the M57, we designed an environmental noise bund that separates the site from the motorway. The bund is in 3 sections totalling approx. 750m length. Its maximum height is around 4m with an acoustic fence on top. We have applied reinforced earth techniques, which ultimately enhances its sustainability and has allowed re-use of glacial soils, which were excavated as part of the overall development. Our strategy was to steepen the bund to reduce the space it takes up, increasing the option for ‘useable’ land. This in turn allowed the development to be further vegetated, creating an aesthetic finish as part of the landscaping and drainage scheme.

We have used a drone to take images to highlight the progression of the project. Watch this space for more!