Jon Bowen

Jon Bowen has joined our structures team in London after finishing his MSc in Civil Engineering at Nottingham University. Jon first joined CampbellReith’s London office for a placement during the summer of 2016. After completing a week each with civils, environmental, geotechnical and structures, he returned in 2017 to spend the full 4 weeks of his placement with the structures team, learning about the practice’s processes and projects.


Below is a brief interview with Jon from the summer 2017, when he was finishing his summer placement with us.


  • How did you find out about CampbellReith?

I met Mark Kaminski by chance out in Paris during the Six Nations when France played England back in 2016. After finding out that I was studying Civil Engineering, he showed me a few of the current projects they were working on and gave me his business card. I then looked the company up online and the rest is history!


  • What were the steps that you took to get your placement?

As part of my degree, I spent 12 months on site last year working for Volkerfitzpatrick. It was a great learning experience, but after speaking to Mark I realised that I had only gained experience in a small aspect of civil engineering. I then chased up Mark who directed me towards Andrew Tullett who was keen to place me in areas that were of interest to me. Last year I spent a week in the Civils, Environmental, Geotechnical and Structural departments, whereas this year I have spent the month on structures alone.


  • What has your placement involved? 

For the past couple of weeks I have been assisting the engineers in structural calculations, cross-checking drawings and analysing the structural integrity of different designs using software that I have not previously used in the past. I have also been on numerous site visits, which has really helped to bring the projects come to life. These site visits made the work interesting and relevant, unlike at university where it can be hard to visualise how a piece of coursework would fit into a real working environment.


  • How many projects have you been involved with whilst at CampbellReith? Have you enjoyed the variety? 

I have been involved in an array of projects since arriving at CampbellReith from the £150million PBT project to projects far smaller in value. CampbellReith work with projects of all sizes which means that you will gain experience in a multitude of areas. From the day I arrived I was really involved with the current projects which I believe is the best way to learn.


  • What would you say to any student considering applying for a work placement with CampbellReith? 

I would definitely advise it! It helped with my university degree and has opened up potential options in consulting engineering which I would not have considered otherwise. It is a very friendly workplace with regular social events, which many companies don’t have.


  • Why did you choose engineering?

Seeing my parents build their own house a number of years ago initially got me interested in construction. I had done well at Maths in school and enjoyed problem-solving, which go hand-in-hand with engineering. I always liked the thought of leaving behind a legacy with the structures you have built, which pushed me towards studying Civil Engineering at university.