Canada Street, Canada Water

Client: Scape Living
Value: £90m
Dates: January 2020
Architect: Stephen Marshall Urbanism Limited

New build mixed-use development of student residential accommodation and associated external works at Former Mulberry Business Centre, Quebec Way, Canada Water.

CampbellReith is appointed by Scape Living to design a new build mixed use development from RIBA Stage 2 through to construction completion. The scheme had achieved Planning Consent under a previous design team. The development is arranged over four separate buildings and its predominant purpose is to provide student residential accommodation with 396 bedrooms in Block A and 374 bedrooms in Block B.

These two blocks each comprise of four wings between four and eight stories in height, arranged around a central landscaped courtyard and amenity space. Shops, cafes, health care and recreational facilities for the students are provided within these blocks. All bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and the rooms are arranged in groups or clusters of 6 – 9 rooms around a communal kitchen dining area.

Block C is a nine storey commercial office building providing 44,000sqft of open plan space together with ground floor reception and meeting areas. A central stair and lift core also contains the toilet facilities. Block D is a residential building providing 34,000sqft of affordable housing over eight floors. Approximately 33 flats will be provided with a mix of one, two and three bedroom units. The final mix and layout of the flats is to be developed in association with a specialist affordable housing provider.

All blocks are to be constructed using an instu reinforced concrete frame with, typically, 250mm thick “flat” slabs without downstand beams supported on “blade” rectangular columns within the facades and corridor walls for the residential buildings. The office building has just one central column beyond the stair and lift core such that maximum flexibility of the open plan space is maintained.

The main engineering challenge for this project is the presence of the Jubilee Line underground tunnels running diagonally across the site at a depth of around 17m below ground which prevent conventional foundations being used over the tunnels, and an exclusion zone around them. A reinforced concrete bridging structure located just below ground level has therefore been designed to span over the tunnels onto piled foundations either side. This will support the building loads above. A complex analysis of the ground movements around the tunnels due to the bridging structure was carried out by our geotechnical engineers to ensure the tunnels would not be affected and to gain the approval of TfL / LUL for the proposals.

CampbellReith is also designing the underground drainage and surrounding roads and courtyards.