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Richard Hayward

Senior Civil Engineer

“There is a difference between a Boss and a Leader. If you don’t know that difference, then you’re a Boss.”

I began my career as a graduate engineer in 2005, cutting my teeth in a small one office company, which gave me great grounding to develop the skills I have today.

In 2008 the credit crunch came and since then I have worked for a number of high profile companies, but it was only when I came to CampbellReith did I really feel at home! No matter which office you visit, you’ll always find people with a smile and a kind word.

As a civil engineer I am an integral part of a talented and innovative team. One of my most significant schemes to date is Northern Arc, Bexhill – a major infrastructure project with over 1km of link road, two roundabouts and even a bridge. The Homes England Framework is another excellent opportunity for me, working within a joint venture arrangement the projects are exciting regeneration schemes in the North West and I am actively involved in the commercial aspects of these projects.

I’ve always been keen to develop other people within the business and have found this to be the case with CampbellReith. Not only that, the practice actively promotes innovative thinking to make our industry better – whether this is trying out new ways to do things or products coming onto the market. Everyday I am learning new processes and technologies to improve, not only my own skills but that of all our teams.

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Will never turn down an opportunity to help someone out, inside or outside of work.

Outside of engineering

Outside of work, I try to stay fit with my cycling and am a member of a local rugby club. While I’m not international material, I have been known to make some exceptional plays! Aside from that I am a devoted dad and mostly try to keep my kids from badly injuring themselves, it’s not as easy as it sounds!