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Michael Chester


"One of my proudest achievements is helping to improve healthcare in Ghana through the Ghana District Hospitals Project."

My draw to civil engineering was the opportunity to apply my natural problem solving ability to make a difference – particularly in improving the environment in which we live in.

One of my proudest achievements to date has been the work I was involved in across Africa – working as part of a team to construct six district hospitals in Ghana in 2015. The experience I gained was both developmental and rewarding!

I joined CampbellReith in 2008 and have worked on a vast array of projects and have spent time in both structural and civil engineering teams.

My expertise lies with the design and supervision of structural and infrastructure-led projects, across a variety of sectors. One of my additional interests is construction law, for which I have a postgraduate qualification.

I have a multidisciplinary approach to my projects, which is supported by my wealth of experience and knowledge. A particularly notable project was the Colts Brook Enabling Works, where we worked with Homes England on previously developed land with significant challenges such as asbestos. The development is 100 new homes for Havant, Hampshire.

As an Associate, I am responsible for managing multi-disciplinary teams across multiple offices, as well as external consultants and contractors. I am always keen to encourage and promote the civil engineering profession, I also enjoy being an enthusiastic and active member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

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Hardworking, dedicated and always up for a challenge.

Outside of engineering

Anything that gets me active and outdoors!