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Karl Krier

Senior Structural Engineer

"My role is well suited to me as I enjoy client facing roles, being on site regularly and being able to travel."

Before I joined CampbellReith in 2015, I was working in Germany as a Structural Engineer designing for the roll out of new Aldi supermarket stores. This was great experience for the role I do today.

As a qualified structural engineer, I now work within the exhibitions and events team working on the globe’s leading events. For each event, I manage the logistics and coordinating of the operations and inspections team, which is a real delight as I enjoy a client facing role and travel!

One of the most exciting projects was the Olympic Games – Summer and Winter (both summer games (Rio 2016, Brazil) and winter games (South Korea 2017/18) brought challenges such as, the language barrier and extreme temperature as South Korea had lows -25 degrees. Other challenges were the varied building methods being used as well as the structural standards are different to the Eurocode standards. Working in these countries has broadened my engineering, building and cultural knowledge.

I work with a talented team of engineers that continue to push the boundaries for innovation – something that is very much needed in the exhibition and events sector.

Joined CampbellReith


Enthusiastic, willing to take on new challenges, efficient and hard working.

Outside of engineering

I enjoy being a father and going on interesting outings with my family. As well as taking my son skateboarding, biking and golf. Other interests I have are travelling and visiting my family that live overseas.